Bachelor’s Thesis

I developed a Peer-to-peer simulator for content-distribution networks to complete my bachelor’s degree at TU Darmstadt. My supervisor was Jussi Kangasharju, who is now at the University of Helsinki. The simulator was also published at the Communications and Networking Simulation Symposium in 2007.

Paper’s abstract:

Peer-to-peer content distribution is currently one of the main sources of traffic on the Internet. In spite of the extreme popularity of systems like BitTorrent, only a little attention has been paid to such systems in the research world. We believe one cause behind this lack of attention is the lack of suitable tools. Peer-to-peer content distribution aims at extremely large systems, consisting of several thousands or even millions of peers, which makes simulation a logical choice in studying them. In this paper, we present ChunkSim, a simulation framework for investigating peer-to-peer content distribution. We identify the key functionality of a peer-to-peer content distribution system and have implemented these requirements in ChunkSim. Furthermore, ChunkSim is an extensible framework and we demonstrate how it can be extended and discuss some common extensions.